Real Men Wear Pearls

Okay, before I begin, I have to say I LOVE PEARLS, and Real Men do wear Pearls. Now I am not talking about your grandmother’s nice white strands. I am talking about masculine,  funky (yes funky), cool, eye-grabbing, and trendy styles.

Steven Tyler wearing Pearls

The other week, I saw a great validation of my belief that men do wear pearls, and make them cool. On American Idol in San Diego, judge Steven Tyler of Aerosmith had on a fantastic leather and pearl necklace with nice big Tahitian pearls.Steven Tyler is a rock icon, so admittedly he can pull off a lot, but, he is also quit the stylish guy. So I have to think if he can wear something hip like a black pearl strand , well then you can too. Weather a rock star or an average Joe, they look great. I have seen them more and more lately in the media and in jewelry, check out what Andre 3000 is wearing in the new Gillette commercial.

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A lesson on How to be Swell

Welcome to a lesson on “How to be swell”. I am a jeweler, a hopeless romantic, a diehard traditionalist, and a vintage fanatic. This blog is the day to day that I come across about “how to be swell”. Mostly I’ll stick to clothes, watches, music, and style, but I will address almost anything from cars to politics. It is a forum for the things that interest me and hopefully you too. I got the idea from the retro shorts that they used to play on nick at night .  Hope you like it and keep comming back, because…that’d be swell.