Welcome to “How to be Swell” This blog is about the day-to-day that I come across about being swell. I will address almost anything, but mostly I’ll stick to clothes, watches, and style. What I write here is primarily addressed to gentlemen, however the ladies should feel free to be entertained as well.   

This is a forum for the things that interest me and hopefully you too. I will be reviewing cool new and vintage stuff, and discussing the swell culture at large. I am a jeweler, a hopeless romantic, a die-hard traditionalist. I collect watches, guns, and cars, I like to look good,and  to entertain. I am a vintage fanatic. I want to harken back to days when men were men, they knew how to dress, how to act, and how to treat a lady. Back to the days of old hollywood when people the likes of Carey Grant looked impeccable on the silver screen, and off. I came up with the idea for titling this blog from the retro shorts that they used to play on nick at night. They ran in between some great classic television shows. I hope you enjoy what you see, and continue to come back, because…that’d be swell.


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  1. I absolutely loved your article about how real men can and do wear pearls. You mentioned Wendy Mignot and her beautiful line of pearl and leather jewelry. I fell in love with her designs but couldn’t afford them, and so I began making my own. That endeavor morphed into creating my own unique designs and starting my jewelry business, On Moon Lake. I purchased one of her necklaces in order to compare it to my own in quality and workmanship, and I am happy to report that I can claim that my jewelry is as good, or better (in a few key areas) than hers. I use only the finest leather cord and the highest quality freshwater pearls available. My sales have been brisk, allowing me to now add Tahitian and South Sea pearl jewelry to my line. My prices are quite a bit lower than hers, and I do just a few things differently, but I feel that those slight differences are significant and add to the selling points. My website is live, but I have not “officially” launched yet. We are still working on the shopping cart and adding pieces daily. I have several items designed especially for men and would be happy to email some photographs if you would like to see them. I am writing to you to find out if you could offer me a few pointers on how I could get my business mentioned in your blog, and blogs like yours. I want to learn to use social media to promote my business, and as a result of researching and studying about social media and marketing, being mentioned in blogs is one of the best avenues to getting your name out there. I would appreciate any advice, and if there is anyway you would consider mentioning me and my business in your blog, I would be eternally grateful.
    Sincerely and proactively yours,
    Annetta Audirsch
    Moon Lake, MS

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