Real Men Wear Pearls

Okay, before I begin, I have to say I LOVE PEARLS, and Real Men do wear Pearls. Now I am not talking about your grandmother’s nice white strands. I am talking about masculine,  funky (yes funky), cool, eye-grabbing, and trendy styles.

Steven Tyler wearing Pearls

The other week, I saw a great validation of my belief that men do wear pearls, and make them cool. On American Idol in San Diego, judge Steven Tyler of Aerosmith had on a fantastic leather and pearl necklace with nice big Tahitian pearls.Steven Tyler is a rock icon, so admittedly he can pull off a lot, but, he is also quit the stylish guy. So I have to think if he can wear something hip like a black pearl strand , well then you can too. Weather a rock star or an average Joe, they look great. I have seen them more and more lately in the media and in jewelry, check out what Andre 3000 is wearing in the new Gillette commercial.

Of course in surf culture shells, pearls, and beads on cords have been the hot thing for a while, but what I am talking about here is for everyday wear with your jeans or with your suit.

Pearls are nothing new, dare I say they are vintage? Ummm, well yes they are. All throughout history, and in may cultures today pearls are popular among men, take this guy for example. Even Job of the Bible held them in high regard, although not as valuable as wisdom. They are the birth stone for June, and my firstborn came in June, so I wear pearls almost every day.

There are a number of great resources if you’re looking for pearl jewelry. One of my favorites  is JNW Mignot, who I’ve already linked above. Of course here is also the appropriate place to plug my store, where we make custom jewelry, especially pearls. Mikimoto is on the band wagon of course, as well as this site which also has some styles similar tho the ones that I have designed.

A timeless classic, created, or birthed by another living organism. They are mysterious,  illustrious, and glowing with class. Being the birth stone for June and a tradition to mark many other life events, pearls should be the top choice for men.

A nice set of cuff links with a bespoke suite, a cool single pearl with a polo shirt, or a talisman style necklace and bracelet combo with your linen button down. Pearls, for men… they all look swell.

Here are a few of the pieces I have designed, that are in my personal collection; a few Tahitians, and a nice south sea golden:

Personal suite of Pearls


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