Top Ten Big & Small Screen Cars of my Generation

I always have fun with top ten lists. I think it is human nature to prioritize and categorize things. We all Like when things have their place. I am sure my readers have their top 5 songs or artists, their favorite watches, people they would be stuck on a desert island with. Well I was thinking the other day about all of the great cars I’ve seen in TV and movies, and what stuff inspired me growing up. Now there is no particular order, and not all of these were even made during my lifetime, but in some way on the screen had a big impact. I am giving away my age some here too, but its all in good fun. What great fodder for a top ten list huh? So here are my top ten- ish favorite cars of my generation, and every one of them is totally swell.

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The Great Gatsby

GatsbyI had a busy and fun weekend with a friend of mine this past weekend (I wrote this May 20th). Over the weekend I; saw the Premier of Star Trek: Into Darkness (it was Amazing), test drove some exotic sports cars, and went to see The Great Gatsby in 3D. I may share some car pics with you, and I would love to tell you all about Star Trek, but that would include spoilers. So, what I am going to do is give my accolades to the Great Gatsby. Continue reading