Mad Men Season 5

Don Draper

If you think that Donald Draper is a swell dressed guy, then you have Janie Bryant to thank. Janie is the costume designer for award-winning show, Mad Men. Takes place in the mid 1960’s the show follows the lives and goings on of a team of Madison Avenue advertising execs. This show has been on an extended break giving its fans ample time to build up excitement for season 5 beginning on March 25th on AMC at 8pm central time. The writers and designers have done a fantastic job of recreating that vintage feel in the show. There are incredible sets and costumes for the show all through out. The story is pretty captivating, even though I am not promoting the behavior of some of these characters (how not to be swell). It’s worth a watch, its well written and will immerse you in that period, if only for an hour.

I have been watching Mad Men since its inception and I will definitely be watching season 5. I will be on look out for some of the styles in the show and sharing them with all of you as advice on how to be swell


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