Hamilton Limited Edition Khaki Navy Pioneer

Some of you may be thinking that I am spending a little too much time talking about watches, for a fashion and style blog. You might be right, but with Basel World coming up, and SIHH just passed there is so much going on in the world of horology this time of year that I have to talk about it. Besides it’s all about me, right?

Now, this one I am really excited about. Hamilton has always been one of my all time favorite watch makers, a close second behind Omega. Ironically they are both part of the Swatch Group. Swatch group also owns ETA which manufactures movements for a vast majority of the watchmakers out there at nearly all price points. Now if there in so many watches the must be pretty good, huh? Well not just that but they are tried and tested high quality movements that are made extremely well.

Hamilton Ventura, Jazzmaster viewmatic, and a 1958 model 601 in solid 14 karat

Back to Hamilton, I own three of their models, and the reason that they are one of my favorite brands has a lot to do with style and substance. They have a fantastic classic American style all most of their pieces evoke days gone by. Many models are furnished with a nice automatic ETA movement with some nice embellishments. And you put this entire package together at a great price and I believe you will find one of the best values in a watch.

Navy Pioneer Limited Edition Box

Khaki Navy Pioneer

This year they are doing something special, you saw it in the video. They are celebrating 120 years with the limited edition Khaki Navy Pioneer. It was built to mirror the marine chronometer from the 1940s. This watch pulls double duty as a table clock, or a wristwatch. The diameter is 46.5 mm, and the dial features beautifully shaped blue hour and minute hands, a striking, vintage motif with the minute track in the railroad style. A small second sub-dial takes the 6 o’clock position. Printed Arabic numerals that indicate hours are located inside the minute track, while numerals that indicate minutes run inside the outer rim. It is powered with a Unitas 6498 hand-winding movement.

It is rumored to cost around $2700 and there are only going to be 1892 pieces made (the year Hamilton was founded)so if you like it, snap it up, because this watch is swell.

Marine Chronometer


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