Take a Kid to a Car Show

The spring weather is here, and where I live it has been for a while. What that means for people like myself, car enthusiasts, there will be plenty of swell events to see throughout the summer. I am talking about classic car shows. I can not think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than strolling through a lush green park, admiring all the beautiful machines of days gone by. I own a classic car and, I love to spend the day with my family and other car enthusiasts, all the while admiring each others cars. Car shows are fun, family events that any one can enjoy, and range from small neighborhood celebrations to full-fledged invitation only extravaganzas of elegance and machinery. One of my favorites is a well known event in the mid-west, the Iola old car show.

There is a generation who is just beginning to appreciate all of what these icons of yesterday have to offer, unfortunately they may not have the nostalgic attachment that we car lovers do. As a parent the best way to nurture that passion and nostalgia is to introduce my children to all the beauty and mystique these cars have. A classic car will last generations, and for me, I want to be sure the young man I will one day pass it down to will appreciate and care for it as much as I would. And, yes I do take my kid to car shows, isnt he handsome?

As much as there are many fantastic things of beauty in the car scene, there are many wonderful people who are owners, or group/club/event organizers as well. A group that I am particularly fond of is called “Take a kid to a car show” , it is an awareness program started by the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO), a council of SEMA.  Their message to parents and car show organizers is all about getting youth involved in the collector car hobby by taking a kid to a car show. Great message, promoting strong families, and connecting with their kids. Since it began in 2002, Take a Kid to a Car Show program has made various promotional items such as stickers and downloadable posters and images available to car show promoters and participants to encourage and enrich the hobby. They are dedicated to spreading the word about our collective passion, the restoration and preservation of our automotive heritage.

Their motto is: As you restore the past, remember to ensure the future. So, take a kid to a car show, I can guarantee, the kid you take, will think its swell.


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