MIB 3 and the Hamilton Ventura

On May 25th of this year the movie Men in Black 3 came out. It is starring Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones reprising their roles as the Men in Black. In this movie Agent J travels in time to MIB‘s early years in the 1960s, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. The film also stars Josh Brolin as the young Agent K, and Emma Thompson as Agent O

I am sure it will be quirky and fun like the first two, and I intend to see it.  Also, like the first two movies, and many other movies as well, a new Hamilton watch will be prominently featured in it. As a matter of fact Hamilton is placing two of their models in this film. As a play on the time travel theme in the film, MIB features two contrasting Ventura models. As Agent J goes back in time different versions of the Hamilton Ventura help evoke different eras as all MIB agents wear the unique timepiece. The variations you see are the Hamilton Ventura XXL, appropriately styled with a black rubber strap and sleek black dial, and the elegant Hamilton Ventura Medium, favored by the Men in Black supporting agents, which complements a black dial with a classically elegant stainless steel case.

Men in black has featured the Ventura watch in all three films. I love this watch and i have one in my personal collection. It was originally released in 1957 as the worlds first electric watch, it has since become a highly sought after collectors piece. The first MIB film featured it as a tie-in with the re-issue of this historic watch.  The he updated version of the ventura, the XXL is co-starring with the Ventura in the third film.

This is certainly not Hamilton’s first product placement. As a matter of fact, I would argue that they have had more watches featured on celluloid than any other watchmaker. To date their watches have been featured in over 300 films and numerous television shows, this is something that they are very proud ofDr. Gregory House wore one on the now finished show of his namesake, also Syler of Heros has a customized Hamilton. You’ll see their eye-catching shapes and unique designs  in the most diverse movie roles, ranging from action pictures such as Die Hard, Ocean’s Eleven, Predators, Abduction, science fiction movies like Independence Day, and 2001:The Space Odyssey, to comedy classics like Killers, Get Smart, You’ve Got Mail, and dramas such as A Beautiful Mind, or Pearl Harbor. Elvis Prestly first donned the Hamilton Ventura in Blue Hawaii in 1961 shortly after the first Ventura was introduced. You should definitely see Men in Black 3 and wear the Hamilton Ventura in both cases your going to be swell.

(Images courtesy of: Hamilton.com, and IMDB.com)


5 responses to “MIB 3 and the Hamilton Ventura

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  2. I noticed the Venturas, and was glad to see them, even though they are quartz. Hamilton should use the new smooth motion that Bulova is using to issue a Ventura that has a smooth second hand, like the original Hamilton Electrics e.g. the Ventura.

    • I usually prefer mechanical watches as well, but the Ventura is such a distinctive design I couldnt ignore it (and I love the brand). I agree the Bulova precisionint movements are great, would be neat to see a Hamilton with something like that. Thanks for the comment.

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