Fatherhood- Happy Father’s Day from How to be Swell

Psalm 127:3-5 NIV
Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are sons born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their enemies in the gate.

This year was the second time that I became a father in time for Father’s day. On the first of June my second boy was born, just 13 days before his older brother’s second birthday. Let me tell you, the impact is the same the second time around. Any man who doesn’t get at least a little emotional when his son is born isn’t a real man. A son is a glorious thing.

Thing 1 & his Omega Seamaster

Thing One was born in 2010 and he was very premature, after a fairly complicated pregnancy, we weren’t sure what we would be dealing with if and when he finally came home. When He did finally arrive at home, it wasn’t easy, we still had some extra measures to caring for a premature baby.

Before he was born I purchased a special watch to wear when on his birthday, one that could be his one day. I wanted to give him something important, the watch I wore to his birth, after all don’t we want to give our sons everything. Thing One also already has his very own .45 pistol with his name and birthday engraved in the barrel, a Wyatt Earp buntline special.

Thing 1 in Dad’s vintage car

Thing One is now a very tall and perfectly typical 2 year old, well of course being dad I know that he is not just typical, but amazing. He enjoys spending time doing what I do, he loves to tinker and fix things; he always wants to figure out how stuff works. A few weeks ago while I was working on Mrs. How to be Swell’s car he came up behind me and began to put all of her lug nuts back on her tire, what a great boy.

Sleepy Thing 2

Thing Two was also born in June, there is something nice about summer babies (not that we planned it). His was a much more normal pregnancy, although he still arrived a few weeks early. I was really enjoying having one son, so I was secretly hoping for another, and this time Mrs. How to be Swell did not want to find out. I thought I should have a different, nice watch to wear to his birth (any good reason to buy a watch, right?). Thing Two came in very quickly in the morning on a Friday just in time to enjoy a great summer weekend. As of now his interests are a little different than his brother’s, he enjoys sleeping and eating, and not much else. As for me, I enjoy his company.

Thing 2 & his Baume et Mercier

I have so many aspirations for my boys; I want them to like what I do, I want them to be good at everything, to be happy, respected, pillars of society, but mostly I want them to grow into men of integrity and class. Being a dad is truly the greatest task a man can undertake, you are responsible for the molding and shaping of a member of the next generation. Your children will be your legacy, your mark will be left, and your name remembered. If you’re a dad, then happy father’s day to you sir. Be thankful for your brood, because more than anything else, being a father is amazingly swell.

Thing one & Thing two


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