Swell driving shoes-The original Car Shoe

Car Shoe Classic driving shoeCars with nice leather and heated steering wheels may have eliminated the need for driving gloves for the modern driver, but driving shoes certainly still have a place. I haven’t put much thought into driving shoes until recently, even though I have always been aware of them. Now, I’ve found a great driving shoe that you all need to check out.

Not my car…..unfortunately

I replaced my car recently, and for as long as I have been driving I have wanted my daily driver to be a manual transmission. I know how to drive a stick, and my collector car is a stick, but for various reasons I have always ended up buying an automatic….Until now. I wear all sorts of shoes; dress shoes to work, thong sandals for play, loafers, sneakers, et cetera, but when I get behind the wheel especially for a longer commute I would like a comfortable pair of shoes. Driving shoes are almost a necessity, even more so now that I have an extra pedal to contend with.

Driving shoes as the name suggests, are worn when you are driving especially over long distances. Indy and NASCAR drivers have driving shoes as part of their safety gear, albeit they are a little more “professional” than what I’m talking about here. They are commonly lace-free slip-on, and are made of super comfortable, ‘breathable’ materials like perforated leather or suede. They are very flexible and are designed to wick away moisture from your skin.
Unlike regular shoes, these have soles that extend past the heel to the middle or top of the back of the shoe. This is done in order to protect and cushion the heel as it rests on the floor of the car. As you depress the accelerator or other pedals the extended, overlapping sole provides a more comfortable support for your heel and keeps your foot from getting sore even after hours of driving.

A number of great brands offer a driving shoe, brands such as Lacoste and Rockport. Pegasus makes some professional drivers shoes and Italian maker Piloti makes some for driving enthusiasts. In my search I came across these great shoes made for driving. The original Car Shoe design was patented in 1963 and has since become a classic. Worn by the likes of President John F Kennedy and Mr. Gianni Agnelli, the suede loafers are still handmade in Italy and have a signature dimpled rubber sole. Patented in 1963, Car Shoe’s elegant driving shoe design harkens back to when motoring was elegant quickly became an instant classic. Meticulously constructed in Italy and finished with rubber studs for an incredibly comfortable fit and available in a range of vibrant colors. Available for $395 at Mr. Porter, this pair of driving shoes encapsulates the label’s distinctly suave aesthetic and is incredibly swell.

My Car

 (images courtesy of rumors.automobilemag.com, mrporter.com)

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