20121111-105722.jpgWell after much anticipation, and blogging I made it to the new bond film, Skyfall. It was everything that I expected from Bond, beautiful women, fast cars, great locations, and of course the villains. From the opening theme , Adele’s Skyfall, to the final…well I can’t tell you, it was action packed and entertaining. Warning, possible spoilers ahead.


I really enjoyed some of the new cast of characters. Ben Wishaw plays Q, his youth is sort of a departure from tradition but he fits the bill and will appeal to a more youthful Bond fan. Ralph Fiennes plays Gareth Mallory (M’s contemporary, and possible replacement…hmm, Mallory starts with M) who is impeccably dressed through the film. Guys if you want an example of how to look swell, this film provides examples in copious amounts. Javier Bardem was fantastic in his role as the villain Siva, and for elder bond fans you ill be happy with the reprised role of Eve Moneypanny played by the gorgeous Naomie Harris. Of course I can’t over look the classy Judi Dench or Daniel Craig  who both owned their roles. All in all it was a great example of a very well put together Bond film.


My only critique would be a somewhat lack of bond gadgets. I know in the last couple of films they have gone away from that idea, even Q admits “exploding pens? We don’t really do that anymore”, but I’ve always looked forward to that. I was however very pleased with Bond’s choice of car in this film, the vintage Aston Martin  plays nicely, and is featured prominently even thought the film pokes a little fun at it.

20121111-105815.jpgI suggest you make the time to take a little break, un-plug, (which may be especially warranted after this years contentious election season), and enjoy Skyfall. You will be glad you did, and you will leave feeling swell.


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