Time and Tide: The Importance of a Wristwatch

I came across this swell post today, The best and most concise reason to explain why all of us watch lovers wear our watches, I hope you enjoy.

The Errant Bachelor

Time and Tide: The Importance of a Wristwatch

My father always told me that men shouldn’t wear jewelry. I can say for a fact that he abides by this rule. He doesn’t even wear his wedding ring, as he can’t stand the feeling of having something on his finger. The only thing that he has in his closet that resembles anything in the realm of jewelry are his cufflinks. That, only because he has french cuff shirts.

My father has always put function and comfort above everything else when it comes to his style. He is a minimalist. If you met him on the street when he wasn’t going to work, he would be dressed in the standard suburban dad gear that you’d think of. However, most days, and I remember my dad heading off to work in the morning, he’d be dressed in a suit. The suit, the tie…

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