How to look swell in trousers.

I feel the need to address a few quick rules on how to look swell in trousers. I wish to hearken back to the classic days of old Hollywood, when men know how to dress appropriately on and off-screen. Those rule still apply today, that is if don’t you want to look like a little kid wearing your fathers clothes.

First off I feel like I should address blue jeans, even thought this post isn’t really about them, they deserve mention. Blue jeans were invented them as a work pant, don’t forget this. Now, today they are more than just for work and I appreciate that. They are easy to wear and take care of, they usually look good, there is plenty of variety, and they are comfortable. There are still some Continue reading


A lesson on How to be Swell

Welcome to a lesson on “How to be swell”. I am a jeweler, a hopeless romantic, a diehard traditionalist, and a vintage fanatic. This blog is the day to day that I come across about “how to be swell”. Mostly I’ll stick to clothes, watches, music, and style, but I will address almost anything from cars to politics. It is a forum for the things that interest me and hopefully you too. I got the idea from the retro shorts that they used to play on nick at night .  Hope you like it and keep comming back, because…that’d be swell.