Have a Swell Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving all of my loyal readers. This year I have many things to be thankful for, and I hope all of you do to. I found a holiday treat for all of you this morning, part of the inspiration for this blog, a short from Nick at Night called “How to be Swell”. I hope you enjoy, and I wish you many blessings this holiday season and stay swell.


Happy New Year


Yes it’s that time again. Time to dust off the clichés’ of  turning a new leaf, and starting fresh. Time to get out last years resolutions and update your list to try them again this year. I am well aware that we are inundated with these types of messages for the new year (especially from your local health clubs), but I do want to make a challenge to you. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from How to be Swell

Happy Thanksgiving to you all out there on the interweb. I hope that all of you are enjoying wonderful food and fellowship with your friends and family, or maybe even a down on their luck stranger, a friend you don’t know yet. Most importantly take the time to reflect on the things that you are truly thankful for, as you count I am sure you’ll find there are many. Don’t get caught up in the commercialism and greed that follows this holiday so closely, but celebrate it for what it truly is, a day to be thankful, and being truly thankful is swell.