Happy New Year


Yes it’s that time again. Time to dust off the clichés’ of  turning a new leaf, and starting fresh. Time to get out last years resolutions and update your list to try them again this year. I am well aware that we are inundated with these types of messages for the new year (especially from your local health clubs), but I do want to make a challenge to you.

This is the appropriate time of year to take a personal inventory. New YearThe holidays are over, you hopefully have counted your blessings at Thanksgiving, and surrounded yourself with loved ones over Christmas and Chanukah, so you have a pretty fresh idea of all that is important to you. So, as we approach the new year make the commitment to live swell. Make those resolutions, but remember as you do that your outlook must change too, take that inventory of whats important to you and use it as your motivation to truly change your thinking. Make the commitment and spend more time with your loved ones, invest more time in that passion of yours. And most of all try to do something to make yourself even better this year, make an impact on yourself and those around you.vintage_new_years_eve_ball_drop

Although I do write about a few gadgets and gizmos and some do come at a price. How to be swell is as much about a lifestyle; how to be a gentleman, how to dress, act, and treat a lady. It is about exuding class and integrity and looking good doing it. So by that logic enter this new year thinking about all the ways you truly know How to be Swell.

ball dropIt has been almost a year for me writing  “How to Be Swell” and I want to thank all of you for reading it, I hope you continue to enjoy it. It was part of a decision I made last year to impact others in a blog.  I am going to leave you with something here, I listen to this song around this time every year for some introspection and motivation.  It’s an old one, and the music video is questionable, but I feel the song appropriate for changing your out look to a new year.


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