Garden and gun

A friend turned me on to this publication some time ago. He came over for a dinner party at my house and said “I know you will appreciate this, talk about being swell, well this is it it’s all in here.” Well he was right I was all in… Well once I got past the title that is. I am speaking of Garden & Gun, for those of you in the know, I don’t need to tell you how great this magazine is Garden and Gun really is about all things swell, specifically in the south.

This month is happens to be bourbon month, and at least for me that makes for a good read. On their website they are featuring all things bourbon; distillers, tours, recipes for food and drink, bourbon personalities. Their site also has the G&G club promoting people, places and parties for their readers, the G&G store where you can find many of the items featured, and also the G&G blog where you can read from some of the contributors, and sound off on what you like in Garden and Gun.

The periodical has stories as varied as learning left handed shooting, and a recipe for Dixie relish. They typically feature articles o travel, music, home and garden, arts and leisure, and of course hunting and sporting. They typically revolve around the south. It’s like Southern Living meets Martha Stewart, meets How to be Swell. The writers make every story very interesting and draw you in, in the last issue I read all about the famous football family, the Mannings. When it comes to their features and food they profile some great artisans, that us here in the north may never have heard of, and really missed out on.

The photography is also fantastic, they show the feel and emotion in the stories they write, when you put it together with the copy it feels like you’ve been able to experience what they are writing about for yourself, and it gives you a longing to do it again. If you want to broaden your horizons and dive into something swell from the south, get yourself an issue or two of Garden and Gun, once you read it you’ll learn in the south they know how to be swell.


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