The Most Amazingly Swell Men’s Skivvies Money Can Buy

charcoal-orange-300x300We can’t really talk about how to look and dress swell with out addressing the basic foundation of clothing. Of course we all know that if you sweat wear an undershirt, going commando is for kids, and tightey-whiteys are way out, but there should be more thought put into your underwear than just grabbing a package of what is on sale at your local stuff-mart.

My latest recommendation in this area is called My Pakage briefs and trunks. I came across these amazing underwear almost by accident. Shopping online I stumbled across them in the riding gear section of the J&P Cycles catalog, and let me tell you I am converted. I wear business attire every day, and my goal isn’t just to look great, but to be as comfortable at the same time, and in order for your clothing to look and fit properly your under clothes must fit as well.product_no-rub-tag

My Pakage briefs use a Modal and 5% Spandex blend, this is twice as moisture absorbing and breathable than regular cotton skivvies. The underwear will also never shrink, stay wrinkle-free, and resists pilling; all this allows them to remain incredibly soft and comfortable. In addition the seamless tag covers the waistband stitching, and hand stitched zones with expanding seams ensured a tailored fit for all body types.

product_keyholeOn to the technology, if you can call it that in underwear. They use what’s called a KeyHole Comfort system in the front. It is an extra 3-dimensional pocket of cloth specifically to hold, well, your package. It goes a long way to offer support an comfort discreetly under your clothing, whether you are being active and out doors, or sitting in your office. By cradling your business, the  KeyHole Comfort Technology allows  you absolute freedom and eliminates the need for shifting and adjusting.

product_stitchingThe rest of the garment design takes extra care to maximize comfort and has features like; the pucker panel of fabric that allows all critical seams to be removed from key areas so you are not sitting on or rubbing against seams and stitching, flat locked stitching, no-roll waistband with high stretch elastic, and comes in two styles-weekend, and weekday. The weekday style features a 1-inch no-roll waistband, slightly thinner fabric, and various color combinations. The weekend have a larger 1.5-inch silk waistband and a slightly heavier fabric, and will take your weekend game to a whole new level.


You can’t look swell with out a proper foundation to your wardrobe, this includes staple items you should always have in your closet, as well as the proper undergarments to make you look and feel great everyday. When you were a kid, your mother may have said to make sure you always have clean underwear, I am going to tell you to make sure they always help you to look and feel swell.

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