Suits-season-2I must admit, I watch a fair amount of television. I have a few favorite shows, Such as Mad Men, Game of Thrones, and How I Met Your Mother. The series is ending for that last one, and I was looking for something to fill that void, a friend suggested I check out Suits. She said that I would like it, and it encompasses many things swell. She was right!

I was familiar with the show before, but I hadn’t seen it, so like a good entertainment junkie, I consumed the first two seasons in a matter of a week, on to the third the last week, just in time to catch up to season 4 returning on March 6th.

SUITS_Harvey MikeSuits is a USA Network drama Created by Aaron Korsh.  The show  stars  Patrick J. Adams  as Michael “Mike” Ross and  Gabriel Macht  as Harvey Specter. The series is very intelligent and highly entertaining. The series is set at Pearson Hardman,  law firm in New York. Adam’s Character Mike is an uber-intelligent 20 something, a one time scholarship recipient heading to  Harvard University, was kicked out of college for selling test answers he had memorized. Mike is now working as a bicycle messenger, living the life of a young single New Yorker. Through unintended circumstances  is convinced by his friend, Trevor, to pull a one time only drug deal which  happens to be a sting.  Mike  narrowly avoids the cops and instead stumbles into an interview with Harvey Specter, attorney with Pearson Hardman-the “best closer in New York City”.


Proving his wit to Harvey mike uses his photographic memory to prove his law chops to Harvey. Harvey not wanting to go to the trouble of weeding out all of the other sub par candidates and sensing Mike’s tenacity he overlooks the fact Mike has not been to Harvard, much less have a law degree at all. The show picks up here and depicts the ins and outs of the high power law firm in New York.suits-gina-torresThere are fantastic characters played by equally fantastic actors. Written extremely well with plenty of intellect to keep me pulled in, and enough humor and humanity to make it feel authentic. The relationship between Harvey and Mike is repeatedly compared to other dynamic duos of the large and small screen, and I have to think they are on par.

suits_sarah_raffertyLouisThe show also features  Rick Hoffman  as the outcast, irritating yet endearing Louis Litt, head of associates and Harvey’s constant cause of irritation.  Sarah Rafferty  as Donna the office vixen with her finger on the pulse of everything , and Harvey’s left, er right, depending on which Mike is.  Meghan Markle as Rachael, Mike’s love interest and sometimes intellectual competition. And  Gina Torres  as Jessica Pearson the strong and stoic managing partner of the firm, yet fragile and somewhat wounded by the path that led her there. All of them are armed with an arsenal full of great quotable lines (play the man, not the game) and,  all in all are a great cast.

SUITS4The cameras do a wonderful job of depicting the hustle and bustle of the big apple, and being the most powerful firm, the cast is always dressed impeccably to match. with sharp wit and banter, and equally sharp conflicts and villans this show has a lot to offer. I am looking forward to the rest of this season and you should too, because Harvey Specter and crew are litigatingly swell.


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