The Swell Things About Being a Dad

My boysThere is a certain wonderment about being a dad. I have two young boys, and they are the greatest thing in my life. I am not young anymore, and  my friends and I are constantly reminding each other of our age. We use reference points such as “do you remember such and such car, or tv show growing up?” It all dates us easily, but I don’t feel old.  You see, I spend a quite a bit of time with these two young men in my house. You would think that the bottomless fountain of energy thy have would not allow me to keep up. On the contrary, my favorite place to be is on the floor with them.


I enjoy being at that level because I get to view the world through their eyes again. I get to share in the amazement of that bug, or leaf that happens to have a captivating color or texture. We all lead hurried lives, but having these two in tow forces me to slow down and appreciate the wonderment around me. Lately I have had conversations with my four year old about; what makes daytime special and nighttime, how bon-fires get big and small, what happens during thunderstorms, how flowers grow, how engines work, and that feeling you get in your belly going down the giant slide at the amusement park near us. All of these thing s are so easy to ignore and take for granted everyday, but when you are down at that level and see the small creatures and living things in closer proximity and all of the big buildings and cars look so much more massive, it quite literally and figuratively changes you perspective.

W and the houseMy four year old is the analytical one, he insists on knowing how everything in his world works. He obsesses over every detail of what ever object is in his hand or what ever task he is accomplishing.  He was born premature, and gave us quite a worry, so I am thankful to have him everyday. I wore an Omega Seamaster to his birth, now at four, he know which watch is his and can properly label about half of the parts of the automatic movement inside. His bedtime routine is watching watch companies videos on their movements and new models. His favorites are tourbillons, which he pronounces correctly, and can tell you why it is different from a regular balance wheel. The other favorite game we play is name that car, he is constantly memorizing emblems and hood ornaments and what cars they belong to. He is also my partner at the car shows. For four years old he can last a long time walking around and talking about cars and engines and the like. In every way he is his father’s son. He told his doctor today at a check up “My dad calls me, Mini-me” when the doctor told him that his brother looked like a mini him.

W. & his Omega Seamaster

E. Shades

My two year old is the life of the party, he loves to dance, play, jump, run and sing. He is passionate, he plays hard, and is pretty fearless, and he loves just as hard. His favorite play thing is whoever is in the room with him. He will push you, pull you and wrestle you to the ground to sit on you and hug you. He takes after his mother; he loves nature, outdoors, and animals. Anything that has fur is his friend. When he was born I wanted to continue the tradition and wear a watch that would be his. I fell in love with the Baume et Mercier Capeland, and the emotion and connection that the brand evokes. He knows that it is his now, and is more than mildly obsessed with “tick-tocks” like his brother. It worked, they are following with their father in his passion! He will be a strong man with lots of depth as he grows older.E. and his Baume et Mercier

Both of my boys will be great men of class and integrity because I invest in them now. Sure its cool that they are following me in my passions and they are awaking the kid in me. It is also cool to be molding and shaping men in their youth, to be an example to them. It is my duty to teach them the important things like how to treat your friends, how to treat girls, how to shoot a gun, and how to change oil. It is also important to teach them respect, how to be responsible, what character and integrity is, how to show your feelings, and how to care for someone or something in need.  this list could fill hundreds of pages , and I will spend a lifetime trying to instill in them all of the characteristic of great men, but I will enjoy every moment of it. photo 1

I couldn’t have asked for a better gift in life, I was born to be a dad. My oldest has told me he wants to be a dad when he grows up, and I would certainly encourage him in that aspiration. My kids are young, and I am on the outset of this journey. I get down on their level and and see the world with their eyes, I learn as I go along with them, its an amazing journey. To all of my fellow fathers out there, make sure your Father’s Day is swell.


20140610-123832-45512241.jpgAs I was composing this post for Father’s Day, my favorite watch company, Baume et Mercier released this video to celebrate Father’s day as well. I say they are my favorite because, aside from the beautiful and fine quality pieces they make, they truly embody their brand philosophy of celebrating moments. They prove this in the way they engage with their consumer, inviting them to connect with stories, photos, comments, contests, and great service. I like them so much, as I said above, I bought one for my son when he was born. I feel like this clip really captures the feeling of being this dad, and I urge you to watch it, and of course its totally swell.

The Clifton 10055 Moon Phase as featured in the #CelebrateDad clip

The Clifton 10055 Moon Phase as featured in the #CelebrateDad clip


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