William Jones and his Swell Motivation

There are a number of places to learn about how to be swell. If you look around the walls of your dentist’s office you might see one attempt that has been made. I am sure many of you are familiar with the obligatory motivational posters that became popular in the late nineties starting with “success” printed below all sorts of thematic pictures. Even Barney Stinson has dipped his toe into proverbial the motivational poster pool. The motivational posters that we are all familiar with are symbolized by the Sharper Image Store staple, the Sucessories.  They are usually the butt of the office joke, but back in your grandfather’s day, they revered as sound advice.And some of these original posters are now considered art. Continue reading


How I Met Your Mother

This season coming up, I am really looking forward to. It premiers September 24th. This season is the second to last, purportedly. And it is going to be tying up some loose ends and themes in the show, as well as offering more direct clues as to who “The Mother” is.


The premise of the show is the main Character Ted Mosby’s (played by Josh Radnor) recountManhattan of events that led up to meeting his children’s mother. The show is narrated by an older Mosby (voiced by Bob Sagat) to his adolescent children. How I Met Your Mother premiered on CBS on September 19, 2005, created by Craig Thomas and Carter Bays.

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